success stories

Innovative Sports Industry Startup

Took innovative sports industry startup from 25 users to over 200 users in 3 years with unique mobile wireless, storage and compliance challenges.

Mantra Computing helped this industry innovator to develop and deploy multiple technology solutions that have helped it navigate its explosive growth and meet the needs of its unique operating requirements.

  1. Develop and deploy cost effective mobile outdoor wireless solution that was easy to deploy, provides fast reliable coverage in remote locations and saved over $20/k month in mobile wireless charges.
  2. Develop and deploy hybrid Cloud storage solution that allows local designers and video production staff fast access to large media content while also enjoying the benefits of a Cloud storage solution that empowers remote users fast easy access. They had previously been using Box, which put a large burden synching terabytes of data back and forth across their LAN and Internet connection, causing access to be slow and clumsy for the production and design teams. The new solution was integrated with their Active Directory and G-Suite solutions for simplified and more secure access.
  3. Develop policies, procedures and technologies to help meet their unique security and legal requirements. A Written Information Security Policy, central management tools, Cloud backup solution and centralized multifactor authentication solution were deployed to substantially improve their security posture and meet their complex legal needs.

Biotech Startup

Took small biotech startup from 7 to over 200 users in 12 months and develop a technology roadmap to support this high growth company.

Mantra Computing started working with this small biotech startup of only 7 people to develop a plan and technology foundation to support their growth strategy. Their previous IT provider was having trouble guiding them on the needed steps preparing them for anticipated growth.

  1. Modernize their wireless system and network for reliable access and Active Directory integrated user level encryption and authentication.
  2. Establish fast redundant Internet connectivity across multiple sites.
  3. Develop a Written Information Security plan and supporting information security technologies to properly secure their users and their Intellectual Property.
  4. Deploy over 200 computers and supported users within 14 months.
  5. Assisted in the development of their own internal IT support team to support their continued growth trajectory.

Established Law Firm

Helped well established small law firm with 11 attorneys and 9 support staff deploy technologies and policies to secure their infrastructure and meet the strict compliance needs of ALTA and MA data privacy laws.

Mantra Computing worked with its longtime client and well established law firm to implement technologies and policies to secure their infrastructure against evolving threats like international cybercrime and cryptolocker and to meet the evolving compliance needs of ALTA and MA data privacy laws.

  1. Implemented Layer 7 firewall with content filtering and Intrusion Detection system to mitigate risks to the network resources and users.
  2. Implemented secure wireless system with user level authentication tied into the central Active Directory user database.
  3. Implemented branded secure file transfer system with appropriate language advising users of appropriate use and related risks.
  4. Implemented single integrated system for user authentication for on premise and Cloud based systems.
  5. Implemented low cost Email archiving solution to protect the firm and to allow for email preservation as legal evidence.
  6. Implemented backup and failover solution to allows on premise resources to be virtualized and available to users in the event of a catastrophic event rending the office unavailable.

Renewable Industry Consultancy

Assisted 20 person renewable energy consulting firm secure important contracts by implementing data security solutions to meet or exceed contract requirements.

Mantra Computing worked with a longtime client to quickly implement needed IT systems to comply with important new contracts. We worked to extend their existing infrastructure to meet and exceed the requirements of the contract in the required expedited timeframe.

  1. Upgraded all computer to Windows 10 for added security and management capabilities.
  2. Deploy centrally administered Active Directory integrated disk encryption solution to all computers.
  3. Implement regular network scanning, auditing and remediation solution.
  4. Implement Layer 7 firewall solution with redundant Internet Connectivity.

International Biotech Consulting Firm

Helped international biotech consulting firm modernize infrastructure and move technology resource to the Cloud for improved security, collaboration and lower IT costs associated with maintaining their data center in Boston.

Mantra Computing worked with a longtime client to modernize their IT infrastructure to take advantage of new Cloud solutions for email, chat, co-authoring and VoIP. This was necessary as their infrastructure was aging, was costly to maintain and didn’t allow for the effective collaboration they wanted with their consultants located in the EU, Japan and the US.

  1. Moved local Microsoft Exchange Infrastructure to Office 365.
  2. Migrated large volume of documents to Office 365 SharePoint for Cloud storage and collaborative features.
  3. Implemented Skype for Business for group collaboration and chat solutions.
  4. Implemented Cloud based VoIP and secure fax solution for lower cost International calling and flexible deployments to locations with Internet connectivity.
  5. Implemented Cloud based backup solution for all Office 365 data for compliance, auditing and failover scenarios.
  6. Implemented Email archiving solution for compliance needs.
  7. Implemented Cloud managed Antivirus, Intrusion Detection, web filtering and 3rd party patching solution to ensure compliance and security across machines deployed around the globe.

Software developer

Assist software developer with a staff of 30 and all Cloud based infrastructure solve wireless reliability and bandwidth issues affecting their ability to reliably access resources critical to their productivity.

Mantra Computing started working with a new client that had constant reliability issues with their wireless network and bandwidth constrictions affecting their ability to be productive and reliably access their all-Cloud based development infrastructure. Mantra put in a new wireless system and gateway/firewall appliance to properly manage the challenges of wireless coverage and interference as well as prioritizing Internet traffic to business related resources and users.

  1. Implemented Layer 7 gateway/firewall appliance that would prioritize traffic and ensure fair use to users and programs. This ensured that the constant file synching of cloud files, streaming of music and video conferences all got the bandwidth they need without a disruption to users.
  2. Implemented business level wireless system to ensure strong and reliable wireless coverage to accommodate the large open spaces as well as to address the high levels of interference caused by surrounding businesses and industry.

New Tech/High Tech Industry Pioneer

Implemented comprehensive Information Security plan to protect IT assets in local Waltham based data processing center and users working remotely all over the word and in potentially hostile environments.

Mantra Computing helped a long-time client deal with new security challenges associated with high growth and new requirements for staff to travel all over the world. Mantra worked to modernize their IT infrastructure and implement new data security solutions that would allow their remote staff to operate securely from any location.

  1. Developed Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to address policy enforcement, remote wipe, device tracking, media encryption to Mac, Windows, phones and tablets located locally and abroad.
  2. Developed VPN and Backhauling solution to enable full tunneling and encryption of traffic from hostile environments to prevent traffic spying, compromise of business data resources and policy enforcement.