Email and messaging platforms
  Email security and archiving
  Office 365 and Google for Work
  Web and network security
  Cloud storage and secure file transfer
  Online backup and disaster recovery
  Desktop and
   application support
  Server administration
   and support
  Network administration
  Help Desk and Remote Support
  Computer decommissioning,
   data destruction and recycling
  Fixed monthly cost for maintenance and support of all
   users, computer, servers and network equipment
  Dedicated primary and secondary consultants
  Regularly scheduled onsite visits for maintenance
   routines and consulting efforts
  Managed security platform (No additional annual
   subscriptions for AV/Antispyware/Malware Protection)
  24/7 monitoring and remediation for servers, backups
   and network devices
  Centralized software patch management for desktops
   and servers
  Centralized reporting on software licensing and
   hardware assets
  Help Desk
•  Assist in technology evaluations and implementations
  Assist in developing and implementing IT
   security solutions
  Support and integration of Windows, Mac and
   Linux technologies
  Evaluate, implement and administer "Cloud"
   technology solutions
  Assist in developing and implementing backup and
   continuity of service plans
  Assist in Compliance matters, developing policies and
   implementing change control solutions
  IT assets management including software licensing,
   hardware, service subscriptions, etc.
  Evaluate, implement and oversee "Cloud"
   technology solutions
Cloud Solutions
Total Care (a fixed price managed solution to keep your business running)
On Call Support
Business Technology Consulting
and Advocacy